LED Foldable Lantern - Red

Are you tired of constantly replacing batteries for your camping lamp? 

Look no further! Our LED Foldable Lantern Lamp is the perfect solution for all your lighting needs. With warm and adjustable light, this versatile lamp can be used as a table lamp, night lamp, or even a flashlight. Its compact and foldable design makes it easy to carry on all your outdoor adventures. 

Portable and Foldable: Our LED lantern lamp is designed with convenience in mind. It can easily be folded and carried, making it the perfect companion for all your camping trips. 

360 Degree Rotatable Light: With its rotatable light feature, this lantern provides a 360 degree coverage, ensuring that every corner is well-lit. 

Three Brightness Levels: Choose from three different brightness levels to suit your lighting needs. From creating a cozy ambiance to providing bright light for outdoor activities, our lantern has got you covered. 

Create an Aesthetic Vibe: Made with a combination of wood and ABS plastic, our lantern not only provides functional lighting but also adds a touch of style to any space. 

Touch Mechanism: No more fumbling for switches in the dark. Our lantern features a touch mechanism for easy and hassle-free operation. 

USB Charging: Say goodbye to constantly replacing batteries. Our lantern comes with a USB charging option, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 


- Battery: 1200mAh lithium

- Battery Life: 8-9 hours

- Brightest on full capacity: 3 hours on full charge

- Charging time: 3-6 hours

- Material: Wood and ABS Plastic

- Dimension: Total height without stretching 19.5cm (including handle), total height with stretching 24cm (including handle), USB length: 1m 

How it works:

  1. Unfold the lantern and adjust the light to your desired angle.
  2. Choose from three different brightness levels by simply touching the designated area.
  3. When the battery is low, simply plug in the USB cable to charge and continue using the lantern. 


Q: Can this lantern be used as a flashlight?

A: Yes, our LED lantern can be used as a flashlight for outdoor activities. 

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the lantern?

A: It takes 3-6 hours to fully charge the lantern. 

Q: Is the lantern durable?

A: Yes, the lantern is made with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand outdoor use.

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