Galaxy Projector

  • Bring the cosmos into your home with the Galaxy projector. This realistic planetarium transforms any room into an immersive stellar experience.

    • Projects vivid galaxies, nebulas, and rotating stars onto walls and ceilings
    • Wider projection area covers more surface for a surround-sound universe
    • Self-developed optical module creates sharp, vivid projections
    • Rotatable projection angles let you customize the celestial display

    With advanced projection technology, the Galaxy creates a breathtaking 360-degree starry environment. See the Milky Way swirl above you and constellations glow around you. The customized optical module generates crisp projections across a wide area for an all-encompassing galactic atmosphere.


    Space enthusiasts and astronomy lovers will be amazed by the Galaxy's realistic projections. Transform your home into an astronomical observatory without looking at the sky. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the universe every night.

  • Comes With 12 Film Discs which include, moon , earth , solar system , milky way etc.
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